Meet Reemo at CES 2022, the platform that power the next streaming revolution when it comes to instant access, secure, play, work and create on latency sensitive remote environments

  • access instantly remote environnements (PC/VM) with a blazing fast remote desktop for everyone (Reemo Cloud)
  • Empower their team to work from anywhere remotely on any device by connecting them to their workstation (Reemo Studio)
  • Surf the internet by moving web browsing sessions off the network via a pixel-pushing web isolation technology (Reemo Secure Browsing)- public release Q1 2022
  • Get instant access to a creativity playground with a PC Pro packaged with licensed creative softwares (Reemo 3D)- public release Q1 2022
Reemo 3D illustration
Reemo Secure Browsing illustration

About Reemo, a French startup involve in the RemoteTech market, was co-founded by brothers Yann & Gwenael Fourre (cybersecurity & streaming software development experts) and Alexandre Henneuse (serial entrepreneur on Saas tools)in 2020. Reemo is a high performance, low latency interactive streaming technology that is able to display the remote screen directly in a web browser at 60 FPS coupled with its own cloud computing platform to provide its users with the best remote experience when It is about to instantly accessing digital environments to work, draw, play, surf the Internet in complete safety or draw on creative software on demand.



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Your streaming rocket for an unreal remote connectivity. Widely used in Creative Industries