Customer Success Story — How Blue Spirit Studio moved to 💜

A’s customer success story
Frantz Delbecque, Deputy General Manager @ BLUE SPIRIT STUDIO

Frantz, can you tell us about your Studio Blue Spirit Production?

Blue Spirit is a French 2D and 3D animation studio made up of 350 people with branches in Paris, Angoulême and Montreal.


How did remote work work at Blue Spirit before Reemo?

At Blue Spirit, apart from a few people based in Paris who could from time to time work remotely, we were not at all ready to do remote work on a large scale because we were not organized for this mode of work.

What was your problem at the start of 2021 that led you to try the Reemo solution?

At first, our objective was to be able to telecommute jobs that could not be easily exercised with studio equipment at the artist’s home.

How was the deployment of Reemo more widely at Blue Spirit?

We started with the Parisian teams. Beyond the obvious need for our remote working teams, Reemo has provided us with an agility solution to provide accessible and easily configurable machines to people coming to Blue Spirit for short assignments.

What were the criteria for success?

  1. Respecting schedules and delivery deadlines was our main criterion. The productivity of the teams had to remain the same, whether people were in the studio or remotely. Otherwise, there was an obvious economic stake.
  2. The technical aspect with the ease of setting up the solution.
  3. Finally, the responsiveness of your support service
Blue Spirit Production

Have you observed any changes in the work habits of your teams?

In general, Reemo allows us to be more flexible in the way we work. We are now open to telework and see a hybrid work model emerging.

Alice & Lewis — From Blue Spirit Production Studio

What is the feedback from your teams after using Reemo?

The solution works well. We’ve had some feedback about latency from network configs or where the person is physically located. The teams are satisfied because they can make a mix between working at home and working in the studio. Wherever they are, employees work with their machine and it is this flexibility, which in terms of use, is very much appreciated.

Besides, in terms of use, do you have some figures?

As we speak, we have 54 people connected among the 110 equipped with a Reemo account knowing that Canada is not yet connected and that they also use this remote work solution.

We have just announced at CES the release of our new Reemo Secure Browsing offer, an internet browser hosted in the Cloud. What do you think ? What interest does this product have for actors in the Creative Industries such as Blue Spirit?

Our IT team has indeed started testing this new service. This is interesting for our business because to work with US studios, we are subject to TPN (Trusted Partner Network) certification in order to secure our content.

Blue Spirit Production

What if you were to introduce to other studios?

In two words, I would say simple and effective. It is implemented in 2 clicks.

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